Grants to Organizations

Grants to Organizations – Guidelines

Please review these steps to determine eligibility to apply.

Funding Priorities

We exclusively support organizations offering direct services to individuals and families. To be eligible for a first-year $10,000 grant, your organization must provide services within one or more of the following funding priorities:

People in Financial Hardship or Crisis


Aging Adults

Individuals with Disabilities

Organizational Requirements

Your organization must also meet all the following requirements:

Operated as an independent 501(c)(3) for at least three full years: Organizations such as K-12 schools, libraries, churches, and higher education institutions are unfortunately not eligible for funding.

Annual operating budget of less than $1 million: Our current focus is to help small organizations in rural or underserved communities. If your organization’s annual operating budget exceeds $1 million, you are unlikely to be considered for first-time funding.​​

Financially stable: To demonstrate financial stability, organizations should not have an operating deficit in their most recent fiscal year.

Located in Colorado: We cannot consider organizations that provide multi-state, national, or international services.

Serve a broad range of individuals: To ensure support for as many individuals as possible, the Trust may not fund organizations that serve one specific group of individuals or those that address one specific disease.

Your request is for general operating funding: Grant requests for capital campaigns, endowments, scholarship aid, fundraising events, sponsorships, projects, or program support are not eligible.

Next Steps

If your organization provides services within one or more of our funding priorities and also meets all the organizational requirements, please contact us to discuss. Email, call 303-399-5450 or complete the form below.

Please provide your organization’s name, mission, and the best way to reach you.
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